Monday, July 2, 2007

#5 Box up Baby clothes, #6 Clean out the Cupboard

I am very proud of myself this weekend. I got quite a bit done. In addition to a lot of regular housework, I also got most of #5 and #6 off of my to do list done. I say most because neither is 100% finished.

I have a lot of baby clothes that Katie has outgrown. Some of it that I didn't want to keep for whatever reason I just gave to the Goodwill but some of the stuff I want to keep in case our next child is a girl (and to use some unisex pieces for a boy). It has been piling up on the bed and dresser in the guest room for awhile. I originally thought that I would just put it in under the bed boxes that are now mostly empty under the guest bed but someone suggested using diaper boxes and boxing up the clothing by size to put in the attic. That way, you only pull out what you need periodically. I thought this was a great idea but found it to be harder than it seems. Baby clothing is not all standard sizes so something marked 6 months in one brand fit at the same time the 9 month stuff fit of another brand or the 3 month clothing of a 3rd brand. I wanted to put like size clothing together so that I could pull it out together but I had trouble deciding what all went together. I have put together two boxes, a newborn kit with all the swaddling blankets and 0-3 month and 3-6 month clothing, and a box with 6 month clothing. It's not quite finished because I need to label the boxes and go through the clothing in her dresser and closet for outgrown stuff before I close the boxes. But it's mostly done. :)

I also worked very hard this weekend cleaning out the cupboard underneath my sink in our master bathroom. It needed it. It was disgusting and we need to store a lot of things there. I tossed a ton of stuff and it, as well as one of my drawers, are now beautifully organized and arranged. I now only need one more stacking basket from Space Savers to finish. The downside? As I moved things to more appropriate areas (like the middle drawer, the linen closet, and underneath Jim's sink) I noticed how desperately messy those spaces were. Oh well, one thing off and three more on...

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