Tuesday, July 3, 2007

#6 again and #7 Get the house powerwashed

Okay. I have officially finished #6 as I picked up the stacking basket that I needed from Space Savers today. It's beautiful. See the picture below.

I also slaved over the house yesterday. Last week I mightily picked up the phone and called Murco to come and powerwash out house. They complied and our house has been returned to it's wonderful blue-grey with white trim instead of grey-grey with brown trim that it's been for the last many many years. You are supposed to powerwash houses with vinyl siding like every 3 years. We've done it maybe once in 8 years (maybe twice but I can't be certain). They even scrubbed our gutters. :)


Jim said...

OH! We have washed the house twice, thank you very much. Once before we used MurCo, and the time before that I rented a power washer (cost $75 for the weekend and another $25 for having them bring it since we don't have a truck), and I was a limp rag sore all over at the end of the weekend for having moved that ladder all around and climbed up and down (and managed to not fall off the soapy ladder) and from holding that wand against the pressure. Oh, and we spent another $100 on house washing chemicals. I like the MurCo solution better - chlorine bleach.

ElizabethS said...

He he. As I recall, you didn't get to the whole house that day. That was why we resorted to Murco for the future. That and I have no real interest in having my husband get power blasted off a ladder from 40 feet up. :)