Monday, July 9, 2007

#13 Make my marriage more of a priority in my life - sub task: go on a date with my husband

This one is a major category on my list with several sub tasks, including going on several dates with my husband. In the 13 months since our daughter was born we've gone out by ourselves a total of I think three times now, maybe four. That's really not so good. I've made it a goal in our daughter's second year of life to try to find more balance. We're past the frantic stage of new parenthood and it is time for us to start functioning more like a family. In my mind, a strong family starts with strong loving parents with a strong marriage that is separate from the kids. I don't want to lift my head in 20 years when my kids all leave for college and look at the other person in the room and say "Who are you?" Our kids will benefit from us having a strong and loving marriage that doesn't always include them. So, to that end, I have enlisted Laura's support to trade regular date nights and we went out on the town on Saturday. We even managed to spend two hours not talking about either our daughter or the house reorganization. (Hurray!) Hopefully, you'll see this task recur a few times before my 45 days are up.

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