Monday, July 9, 2007

#11 Clean out middle drawer in Master Bath, #12 Clean out cabinet under Jim's sink in Master bath

The overarching project that I started last week with my cabinet and drawers in our bathroom is now complete! I have cleaned out and organized the middle shared drawer in our master bathroom and put in some organizer compartments and put the remaining stuff back in an organied fashion. In addition, I helped Jim clean out and organize the cabinet under his sink and we both cleaned out our smaller individual drawers as well. It took much longer to organize his cabinet than it would have if I had been doing it on my own (because I had a plan on how to do it already) but hey, I didn't actually have to do all the work and it still got knocked off my list. As Laura says, working smarter, not harder. :) All of this cleaning and organizing meant that we were able to remove everything that was extraneous on the counter and the ledge of the bathtub and either throw it away or put it away (with room to spare I might add) making our bathroom much more toddler friendly. We also got a medicine box from One Step Ahead so that we could put the medicines in it that need to be on the bathroom counter but there is another layer of protection to keep our daughter safe.

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